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Question my best friend is choosing her bf over me.. - June 28th 2009, 10:23 AM

hey ppl, i dunno if this is in the right catagory but anyways, sorry its so long!
ok well iv been absolute best friends with this girl, we'll call her Gabby.
anyways, in 3rd year we were inseperable, we both liked the same guy but i was one of his closest friends, she told me she'd never ever go near him cos i was completely in love with him(seriously, even obsessed!)we'll call him jack, then after 3rd year i was made move school. we stayed best friends, txting EVERYDAY! then in 4th year she started going out with jack.. i was ok with it.. kinda.. then me an jack stopped being friends cos he was with her.. we still dont talk.. so anyways we kept txtin till the run up to exams which was fine, we really needed to study! we hadnt seen her in a few months, then all exams were over so i txt her as much as i could... she barely replied.. if i txt her she'd send one or two txts an then disappear.. i still try thou.. iv ben askin her to meet up but he says she's too busy an stuff.. thing is, she txts him all day everyday and meets up with him whenever she can! i mean she was actually my whole life! i couldn imagine life without her.. i cant believe she's doin this to me.. she's choosing him over me... after all he's done to her.. an iv never done anything to her..i have helped her with every single one of her problems.. iv done absoltely everything i can for her and to keep in contact with her.... i just dont understand it.. i was gonna txt her an get mad last nite but i decided against it.. please help.. what should i do? is she worth it if she's choosing him over me? SHE always told ME "bro's before ho's" an now look........ please please help!
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