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Re: Anger/Self-Hate - July 3rd 2009, 10:27 PM

Hi foolchild,

First off, I'm sorry to hear things are so bad for you at the moment. I don't think that googling for ways to "heal" self-hatred is going to work. I think you need to see a professional, someone who can give you advice and show you ways to overcome your problems. I am sorry that your Mum is suffering with depression also, be there for her. As for your sister, maybe she needs help also if she is self harming. Talk to them both, either together or alone. Talk about your feelings, get everything out in the open so you can work on fixing things.

Your right, crying is a big help - but not too much cos then you'll get a headache! I would suggest seeing your local doctor, he/she can then refer you to a specialist, it's nothing to be scared of, they're there to help and they all do an excellent job. I'm always here if you want to PM me for a private talk about anything, or just for a good natter to take your mind off things.

Stay safe through all of this and don't give up hope!

- emzy
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