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Re: Overclocking my GPU - July 4th 2009, 12:36 AM

Gah, had it all typed out and lost it with a BSOD =/

Okay. First you need something like RivaTuner - it'll allow you to overclock it. Once you have it, you can control everything - GPU clock, memory/shader clock, fan speeds etc.

Start off slowly - don't jump more than 10MHz each time. Once you get a better judgement of what your card can handle, you can increase your increments, but never go more than 25MHz in a single jump.

Keep watch on your GPU temperatures - if things start getting hot, lower your overclock or increase your fan speed.

If you want to, you can increase the voltage going to the card though BIOS, but be very careful with that; over-volting can be fatal to your card. RivaTuner or CoolBits *might* let you use software to over-volt it, but don't hold me to that.

One thing to really keep watch for is artefacts. If you start getting random dots or 'snowflakes' on screen, you have an issue. Either you've gone too far on the overclock, it's over-heating or it's not got enough power in it.

After each overclock, you want to run a stability test, benchmark and play fallout or any other game for a good few hours.
There's a huge bunch of useful software here: techPowerUp! :: Downloads

Apps worth using:
- RivaTuner
- FutureMark (range)
- Speedfan

Hope that helps.