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Re: Suicide - July 5th 2009, 02:28 PM

Hey there!

I am so, so sorry that you’ve been feeling like this lately. I can identify with some of the points that you’ve made and I want you to know that because I want you to know that you are most certainly not alone.

I have also dreamt of killing myself and I have had conscious thoughts of suicide. I know how scary and distressing that can be, it’s really not pleasant at all. I am not surprised that you’re feeling so bad right now if you’re mind is wandering to these thoughts. You do say that it’s when your mind is left to wander though – therefore, I would encourage you to try and keep your mind busy. Try to keep yourself distracted. Play some games, watch TV, listen to music, paint, write – just try and keep your mind occupied with other things, I know that it’s hard but it can really help.

I can completely understand your fear of telling your counsellor the details of how you’ve been feeling. It can be completely nerve-wracking to tell someone your most personal thoughts and feelings. However, you are a very strong girl. You have been able to tell your counsellor about your suicidal thoughts and feelings in the past which you should be proud of yourself for doing – it’s very hard, but you did it. I would like you to try and tell your counsellor the truth. People can’t help you if you’re dishonest. If you do manage to tell her some of these things, she will be able to help you. It is important that you get the help and support that you deserve and that you need right now.

It’s not okay now, I don’t want to lie to you – but I can tell you that things can become a lot better in the future, if you reach out and get that help. It’s not a time to hurt yourself and worsen things, it’s a time to try and get help and improve things.

No one wants to let you go, people want you to be here and to be happy.
Please, try and talk to someone.