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Re: Anxiety Over The Future - July 7th 2009, 04:31 PM

Hey there,

Gosh, I can relate right now - I think at this time of year many people are stressing about over their future – it’s a nerve wracking thing. Don’t think that you’re the only one who’s nervous about the future, there’s plenty of people, so you’re not alone.

I’m sorry that you’re feeling worthless, but I can assure you – you’re not. No one is worthless. I also want you to remember that when you’re in a negative state of mind, which it seems as though you are, it can be even harder to imagine a future, especially a good future. It’s hard to look for positive things when you’re feeling so low. Sometimes you just have to trust that there is the opportunity for good things to happen – because there IS that opportunity.

Choosing a course/degree/career can be very difficult. If you’re worried about anything related to your course or learning or anything of that nature, talking to a teacher/mentor/careers advisor would be a very good idea as it may help you to work out some ideas and it may put your mind at rest a little. I really don’t think that any degree is worthless, otherwise nobody would bother trying to get one!

There really is no point in wishing that you were a different person – you are who you are (and I’m pretty sure that’s not a bad thing!). You’re just having a tough time right now and you’re starting to get a little stressed about things. The thing is, you only seem to be thinking about the negative prospects. You really should try to think about the positives of your situation. You’re getting a degree, it could lead you to a good job, you could get a girlfriend in the future. You don’t know what the future will hold and sometimes trying to predict that just makes us freak-out, which isn’t good. No, you don’t have complete control over the future, but neither does anyone else.

Try not to worry, I’m sure that things will work out.
Take care.