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Re: Favourite Clothes Colour - July 11th 2009, 02:00 AM

All my pants and footwear are black, and all my shirts are black, white, or blue. I'm aesthetically challenged, so not having to worry about mismatching colours makes my mornings a lot easier. ^^; Any combo of clothes will look as least passable, no matter what I grab.

The atoms that make up you and me were born in the hearts of suns many times greater than ours, and in time our atoms will once again reside amongst the stars. Life is but an idle dalliance of the cosmos, frail, and soon forgotten. We have been set adrift in an ocean whose tides we are only beginning to comprehend and with that maturity has come the realization that we are, at least for now, alone. In that loneliness, it falls to us to shine as brightly as the stars from which we came.
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