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Re: HoMoSeXuAlItY - The scourge of the earth? - July 14th 2009, 02:52 PM

Originally Posted by Smitten View Post
Er... I said I have NO problem with them having the same rights. Where did discrimination and less rights come from?
I was actually just questioning it in general, my post wasn't particularly directed towards your beliefs, it was about my beliefs.
Saying that, not being allowed to marry (because they are homosexual = discrimination) = one less right.

Originally Posted by Smitten View Post
Because of the ability to procreate naturally. I believe that marriage should be reserved for those capable of procreating the way nature intended. I also don't think that couples who do not intend on having children should get married. I see marriage above all else as a commitment to have children.
What if a women finds out that she is infertile after she has got married? Does that mean that she should be divorced?
What if a woman had been infertile since birth?