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Re: HoMoSeXuAlItY - The scourge of the earth? - July 14th 2009, 03:37 PM

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Bruce, marriage pre-dates Christianity so it cannot be a Christian institution. It's more a social insitution than a religious one. It has also evolved seperately in several different religions so even if it was classed as a religious industry there is no saying which religion would hold a claim to it, if this was not regulated there would be huge discrepancies in who could get married and who could not between religions.

I think your middle ground stance is great though, I wish more people thought like that.
Right, which is why I said it was a religious institution . Didn't say anything about Christian. However, the "step" before it became government regulated was probably when it was regulated by the church. I understand where you are coming from in calling it a social institution, but I would disagree because I imagine that especially in ancient times, it always involved a religious ceremony.