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Re: HoMoSeXuAlItY - The scourge of the earth? - July 14th 2009, 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by Smitten View Post
I knew people were going to go into infertility.
Naturally, without any abnormal mutations or diseases or physical deformations. A man and woman can reproduce.Therefore even if they are infertile it would in an Ideal situation be possible in nature if they were not infertile.
I'm not quite sure what you're getting at because that doesn't really make sense.

So they are entitled to marry ofcoarse. Being infertile is not their fault.
Being gay is not anyone's fault either. Plus, lesbians can reproduce albeit in an unnatural manner, therefore should they be allowed to get married? If marriage is just about children as you say then yes they should.

And people who have no wish for children, no. I do not think they should get married either. rather be in a union aswell.
I hate to repeat myself but, how about people who want children and then change their minds after they marry? And what about couples who become infertile after the marriage due to disease or accident? Should they be forcibly divorced?

Also if marriage is just about children should people with possible hereditary disease be forbidden from marriage?

Also from a practical perspective how would you regulate that? "You must have children within an X amount of years after marriage"? That would throw up huuuuuge legal issues such as a woman's right to control her body.