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Re: suicidal thoughts... - July 19th 2009, 08:48 PM

Hi there Jessy,

It’s no fun having suicidal thoughts, is it? In fact, it’s really awful and something that can feel almost unbearable at points. They do pass though, there are so many people who are proof of this – there are a lot of people who have felt suicidal and low, but they are still here – it does pass and it is possible to get through this, Jessy.

It’s really good that you do realise that your thoughts are irrational and there are people who do care about you – that is such a good sign, Jessy and you should keep telling yourself that your thoughts are irrational – keep telling yourself that people care about you. If you’re triggered by things around your friends, tell them how it’s making you feel. If you feel left out or ignored then tell them that – that’s a lot more constructive than telling yourself that you should hurt yourself.

You notice that people care about you – why don’t you try and reach out and tell someone how you are feeling right now? It would be a lot more helpful than trying to deal with these thoughts and feelings by yourself. There is no reason for you to tackle these thoughts alone – there are people who can help you – try and talk to a counsellor or a doctor or a relative, if you can. It’s good to get your feelings out by talking to someone. Keeping a diary or a journal may also be helpful to you.

It is hard, but try to think positively about things. If you think a thought such as ‘my friends are ignoring me’ then think ‘there may be a reason- they’re busy’ or ‘I will talk to them and initiate a conversation that I can participate in.’. Thinking this way can really help you, Jessy.

Take care, we’re always here for you.