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Re: Forgive him, forgive him not. - July 20th 2009, 06:56 PM

Like Katie has already pointed out, does all the messing around and pain, added up, out weight the happiness? I'm sure so many girls have been through this, the breaking up and making up 5 or so times. After a while, however much you love them, you just have to realise it isn't going to work out. I know, what it feels like, people tell you they aren't good enough for you, or they're messing you around. You just don't believe it right?

You know what, they're right. People can change, agreed. You just have to take a step back. Look at your relationship, people deserve second chances, but'll keep going. That's the harsh reality. I'm sorry I know that's what you really don't want to hear.

Just consider, how easy it is for a guy to tell you, what you want to hear when things go wrong. They tell you they love you and would do anything for you and that nobody could ruin the love they have for you. However, the more times you take him back, the easier he'll think it will be for him to mess you around. That is ultimately what he's doing.

About the girl, they deserve each other. She has feelings; jealousy, envy. Because you have what she wants, him. She'll do whatever she feels like to split you up and she's pretty much proved that she wont just leave you to it. If he was together with her, he'd probably do the same to her.

I'm really sorry he's putting you through this, I do suggest you sit down and analize where your relationship is going. But don't make it at all easy. he's probably re-hearsing his lines. Don't let him click his fingers or sweet talk you with beautiful words. You have given him so many chances, don't you want someone who you trust 101% and gives you so much love.

Do you really want to be constantly worrying he's going to go back to 'her'? Really think this through hun.

Take care, please feel free to PM me if anything else happens


EDIT: I do agree with Robin in a way, if you were to emotionally lash out, it should be somewhat aimed at this other girl. But do not forget, your boyfriend is not forced to respond to her texts or calls. H does that out of choice, bear that in mind. Have you confronted this girl? Who at the moment seems to have recieved no blame?

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