Thread: Triggering (Abuse): How was your night? Mine was just great.
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Re: How was your night? Mine was just great. - July 20th 2009, 07:33 PM


I'm sorry you ever had to live through something like this. I'm even more sorry you had to re-live it. I can understand how scared you must have been. I'd just like to say that it's okay you can't go into detail. It's okay to cry and be hurt by the past and present. Everyone hurts, everyone cries and it's a healthy thing to let yourself express the hurt sometimes. You might not be ready yet, but someday this might get a little easier. Someday, if you keep trying, you might be able to share or cope a little better. All hope isn't lost, and there is still so much more time to use to help you heal.

To me, your friends don't seem like they're very considerate of you and your feelings. That's unfortunate and you don't need to put up with them. You should be respected and your wishes. Next time, if you feel they're making you do something you simply can't, I really suggest you don't go. You might even want to branch out, away from the ones that you're speaking about in this thread. I know it's hard to leave people behind, but you don't have to go completely. Just distance yourself a little bit and find people that do respect you. Let your friends know how much that hurt and how hard this is for you. Those people, they weren't friends and if you can, don't see them anymore.

If you do anything, I agree with Jenna. Keep talking to people and your counselor. Vent, scream, yell, get out all the bad feelings without harming yourself. You deserve to feel safe and deserve the time of day for people to help you and listen. What happened was wrong and it's horrible you have to now cope with it. Remember that this isn't your fault and don't blame yourself. It's not your fault for trusting people you thought were your friends. It's not your fault at all. Try not to force yourself to talk about things in anymore detail than you can. Try not to blame yourself and make yourself feel bad. Just work on getting better and coping in a healthy way. You can do this, we're all behind you. If you need anything at all - let me know.

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