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i started again, and its worse - January 16th 2009, 03:33 PM

i just came rly close to cutting myself badly, idk maybe some people remember me, i hav to use a dif name now, i was paul012 but b4 break i thought i was better, that i had enough support to quit for good, i had friends who were helping me quit burning, but after break life gave me a big smack in the face, but i had thrown away my lighters, but i had a razor in a firstaid kit, so i started cutting, and everytime after i cut i told myself "i wont do this again, i just need it right now" but it kept happening, and i dont kno if i can stop now, my friends kno i do it, but we r all having a rough time, and noone can help anyone, im afraid i will trigger my friends, so i turned to TH again, its been a long time since i last quit, and i quit for awhile, but now i cant remember how to stop, i kno this feeling, iv had it b4, i just didnt think id hav it again, this is half a rant, and half asking for advice, both for myself, and i also want to help my friends.