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Re: i just wish i had the guts. - July 21st 2009, 05:30 PM

Hey there, Megan!

Iím glad you were able to bring yourself to come on here and ask for help. I know you canít understand why youíre asking for help, but I think itís because deep down, you really do want to keep living, and you need people to reinforce that thought. The thing is, Megan, nobody on here can stop you from doing anything; we can only help you and promise to be here to support you through this tough time. Youíre still here today because you are strong, and you really do want to keep living- I can see that.

Is there anybody around you that you can talk to, Megan? When youíre going through such a tough time, the support of loved ones can really, really help. The people around you love and care about you, and they want you here- whether they show it or not- so that in itself should make you realize that your life is worth something, itís worth a lot more than you think right now. You were born, therefore you do have a purpose in this world, and you do make a difference by just being here!

If we all killed ourselves because weíre going to die anyway, the human race would die out pretty fast, you know? Thatís why we all have to keep on struggling through our problems, and hope that we will reach a time of happiness. Because when youíre feeling really down, all you have is hope, so you need to hold onto that hope, Megan. The hope that things can and will get better for you! You, and only you, decide your future Megan, you have the power to make it as amazing as you want and deserve it to be.

Just hang in there, you canít see it right now, but you have a purpose in this world. Stay alive if only to find out what that purpose is. If you ever need anything at all, weíre all here for you. Take good care of yourself, Megan.