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Re: Strip Clubs - July 22nd 2009, 09:19 PM

Originally Posted by oOo.NICKI.oOo View Post
I feel like he's just using me then. I mean he says he cares for me as a friend, but that's it. So I just feel like for him, I'm the one that's there right now and so if he wants to do stuff, then that works for him because he can "get some" if he wants it.

I'm also worried because if I tell him in person, that means I have to wait until Saturday. That would mean I'd be telling him the day that we're supposed to go to the strip club that I'm just gonna say "I can't do it... I can't be friends with benefits." What if he gets mad for me not telling him in advance? What if he doesn't have other plans and thinks "well what are we supposed to do?" What if he says "fine, well we have nothing to do then, so you can go home?" I'm just so scared of what he'll say or what he'll do or how he'll react. I don't know if I can do it
I'm sorry about this, you're not in a great situation

You know it's for your own good to stop things. He's using you, that's quite obvious, and it needs to stop. I know you both care about each other as friends though, so it makes it difficult.

Don't worry about the wait. Keep yourself busy so your mind doesn't start worrying too. I would suggest making plans of your own and telling him those after you've said the other things. Being a good friend, he should respect that. But if he's just wanting to use you, it may be complicated... but I know you can get through it. Just tell him how you feel, he needs to respect you. Even tell him he needs to respect you!

If he gets mad for you not saying anything earlier, simply say you had the guts and the courage to tell him personally and would like to give each other a chance to share feelings on that.

Do you have any other worries? My mind is not good at extracting possible circumstances today.