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Re: Strip Clubs - July 22nd 2009, 09:50 PM

Originally Posted by oOo.NICKI.oOo View Post
I just feel like I should be more rational, but my feelings keep getting in the way. I feel like he's using me just to get stuff, but at the same time I still like him and I still want to be in a relationship with him. He's really smart and funny and just fun to be around. I'm so paranoid that by telling him that I can't do friends with benefits that we won't get to hangout as much. He won't be getting as much out of us hanging out, so what's the point? What if I don't find anyone else?

He's the first guy I've really ever done anything with, so I can't handle this. I don't know what to do. I can't stop crying and I feel like shit and I just want it to end. I just wish I could be with him in a relationship and I can't, so now I hate myself even more. I'm not good enough for him and I don't think I ever will be but I like him so much. I can't get over him
I really think the best thing you can do is talk with him. Say things about how you want a real relationship maybe. But at the same time, it seems he isn't ready for a relationship if he can so freely go to strip clubs and even take you with him. Really, it's best to start a relationship being friends anyway.

I have a suggestion you could take up. This is it: Try being friends with him for a while, even if it hurts. TeenHelp is all here for you, including me, so don't be scared of coming to us for support. In being friends, you can be firm on your morals and sort of infect him with your own if you're firm with them, and don't give into being a friend with benefits. Maybe eventually he'll be someone you can have a relationship. If not, it's really not worth it, I'm sorry