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Question who am i? - January 17th 2009, 01:12 AM

Iím in 8th grade and I feel so broken and shattered I donít know what to do...I have scars on my arms and legs that Iím not proud of but every time something goes wrong I just go straight back to that razor, or knife, or the random sharp object next to me at the time...people see them sometimes and ask questions about all of it and all I can do is sit(or stand) there and hold back the tears I know r about to fall out of my eyes...they say to me "How could u do that B?" or "What would make u want to do that to yourself?" or something like "I would have never guessed you were like that B!" then they will say something like "Please donít do this to yourself!" and then of course add in "Promise me youíll stop this, please B!" and I simply say "Iíll try" knowing that I canít stop it....
I donít know who I am anymore...I think back to the beginning of 7th grade...that "happy, care-free, fun, semi-preppy, innocent, little girl" and now I look at me as an 8th grader that a "scarred, pain filled, armband wearing, black loving, frightened, regretful, strong on the outside, weak everywhere else, cutting, hiding girl" I wish I could stop all this....but I just canít... Itís a part of me now and I donít know how to change thatÖ

where do i go from here? how do i stop all this?
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