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Re: My life is sad :( - August 6th 2009, 04:35 AM

Hi Kate,

welcome to Teen Help! I definitely second everything that Jen said. I'm sorry that your relationship with your parents isn't that great; that can be hard to deal with sometimes. But thankfully not impossible to deal with If you'd ever like to talk to someone, I'm here as well; feel free to PM me anytime! And sometimes parents really do love us, but just are really horrid at showing it or don't fully realize how distant they're being and so just sort of "malfunction." But you'll definitely find people who care about you here And are there any relatives, like older cousins or aunts or uncles you could talk to? Sometimes having support from other family members who you can tell about what's going on can be helpful.

And you definitely don't sound like a boring person! I do understand the worry about friends getting tired; I tend to worry about that myself. But sometimes it helps to just pause and take a deep breath and remind yourself that even if you're worried about that, it hasn't actually happened yet. Your friends are still perfectly happy being friends with you. And high school does present a lot of opportunities to make new friends, too; don't worry! Joining something like an art club or a book club can also help you meet people who share those hobbies, too.

Hang in there. We'll be thinkin' of ya!

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