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Re: YouTube - The Obama Deception. - August 8th 2009, 05:19 PM

Originally Posted by slickguy55 View Post
It really isn't anti-Obama. It is anti-government. It is pretty much a video that explains how members of both parties, the leaders of the world, are controlled by a higher power made up of those who control the banks and economy and such. Its pretty interesting and has some good points, but I wouldn't take it 100% to heart.

And BTW I think it is hilarious how people here claim that the video is a bunch of biased crap because of the title. That is classic liberal to just touch the surface and avoid the context. (See my town hall meetings thread, your kinda taking their approach).
Very funny how you lambast people for thinking it's biased because of the title, you assume all of them are liberals based on their replies. Pot Kettle Black me thinks.

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