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Re: -_-' - August 12th 2009, 12:12 AM

Hey Mi Sun,

It's okay. You haven't screwed anything up, you've been doing really well.

Don't feel bad about this, learn from it. You've done it now and you can put it in the past and you regret it. It's okay to have slipped up, many people do, but what we then do is learn and try to move on. You have went four months without any self-harming and that is such an amazing achievement which is not to be forgotten about Mi Sun, you must congratulate yourself on that!

You said that it went so quick - if you get an urge to hurt yourself it's often best to try and take a deep breath and take things slowly. You may even want to give yourself a time period to wait - e.g. "I will not self harm for 3 minutes" - that can often help. It's also important to have a list of alternatives or distractions near by. You may want to think of your own things that you could do in the future or check out [this sticky].

Well done for your four months free though, Mi Sun, don't forget that. It shows that you do have effort and resistance - you have strength and you can turn away again.

Take care.