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Re: im doomed to be trouble. - August 14th 2009, 12:47 AM

I understand where you are coming from. Many things have happened along the way and now you want the power to stop it from happening. You want people to think twice about what they do to you - that's why you want them in fear. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with desires. Just make sure they are in check.

Now, when and if you get this power, make sure you don't use it to hurt others. I have heard countless stories where people with power use it fairly at first, until they become corrupt.

Now you say you are interested in the human mind. I find nothing wrong with it, but make sure your studies are ethical. Don't bully people or the like on purpose to see their reaction for the sake of science...Instead grab a book on such matters. Sometimes, some actions aren't worth doing for the sake of gaining knowledge. You stain your hands when you cross the line.

I know where you are coming from when you say you try to control your emotions. That's good, but I think you should leave the happiness to be. I control my sadness so others don't harass me about it; I somewhat control my happiness so I won't get too disappointed later on. But I find it more rewarding to let the good times be.

As for the depression, there are many ways to deal with it. I prefer exercise. Jogging for me gives fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, and distracts my mind from the world. I just take in the trees and the parks and I feel at ease. It might be me, but I believe exercise will make you healthier to the point where one burden or another can be lifted off your shoulders.

You can also try what the last person said about doctors and friends. And there is always here at TeenHelp to talk to too.

Honestly, you are not doomed to be trouble or lifeless. You have just hit a rough patch in life and are trying to find your way through. Hang in there, and I wish you the best of luck.