Thread: Triggering (Suicide): So sick.
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Re: So sick. - August 14th 2009, 12:40 PM

Hi there Haley,

I'm truly sorry that you're feeling so bad right now, it sounds like you're having such a hard time and you don't deseve that.

I know that self-harm and being sober/clean may be tempting right now or that you may have memories of those things giving you some form of relief, but that is because you're feeling bad and you used to use those things as coping methods- it's natural to want to go back to things, but you don't have to, Haley. There are reasons as to why you became sober/clean and stopped your self harm and you should feel proud of yourself for showing that strength and control. You should be so proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back - reflect on that achievement.
I am wondering what has helped you most with giving these these things up? Perhaps now is time to use some safe alternatives and do safe things that you enjoy doing to try and distract yourself. When you're suffering from suicidal thoughts then it is important to try and fight against them, which I know you can do, and to distract yourself.

Have you identified what is making you feel this way? What is making you want to push back all of your feelings, Haley? I think that it's important to address that. Talking to someone or writing your thoughts down may be of some help if you're finding it difficult to identify things. Haley, I can not express how important that it is for you to talk to someone when you are feeling suicidal. I and many others do not want you to come to any harm and therefore I'd like you to try and talk to someone whether it is someone you know as a friend, relative, medical professional or a hotline. I feel as though that could realy benefit you, there are people who would like to help and support you.

You can get through this, Haley, I know you can.
Take care.