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Re: At a loss - August 16th 2009, 03:34 PM

it is nice to hear from you, we all go in such tough times, and new expieriences /atmospheres are not always a good refresh. and from time to time we would all go in those ups and downs so do not worry about it. just believe in your self, because we believe in you (you have enough courage to talk about your problems)

that guy who went out with your friend is 'STUPID', he obviously does not know what he wants, and he lost, I do not think he deserves your time any way (he obviously does not know what to do with his)

about the cuts and short sleeves you can try a water proof facial concealer on your arms (always works) or a double vaseline (yes feet vaseline) layer with another layer of water proof pouder , you can always wear distractions (jewlery, accessoiries) and of course putting some fake tatus can shade it up so it becomes unclear (if you ever needed to lie 'hitted the rocks while swimming or feel of the skate boared)

hope to see you better soon .

If ur at the bottom then cheer it only can go better
If you are lonely then smile
You do not need them to stay alive
If they hurt you bad ,been hurt worst and every thing is just pushing u down...
And even though you are strong enough to survive

p.m me.........I quite like it