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Angry Something really Weird - August 18th 2009, 09:02 PM

I've been experiencing metal problems for the longest time now. I'll be fine and happy and what I like to call "in sync" with life for about a week and then I get all fucking stupid. Like I cant communicate with people and I get deeply depressed. I pretty much shun my self and find myself stupid very STUPID. Like in conversation with my best bud I wont understand him, wont be able to really hear him and I cant think of jokes to make up and just live life happily. Then he puts me down and calls me stupid, hes just joking around but still it gets to me when im not happy and out of tune with life because Im so busy being depressed, stressed. I dont know what happens. I mean I just discovered what being a man is and how to act and be chill around people. Im just starting to have friends in different places. Its awesome but when I get stupid people get annoyied with me and I understand its like talking to an idiot but i just get so out of sync with life i dont know what it is.