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Cruefest2 - August 20th 2009, 05:39 AM

okay so today I went to Cruefest 2 with two of my friends. We were up in the lawn and had a blast. the following takes place up there too. anyway this is what happened and what I wanteds to share other than it was an awsome show.
ok well me and my buddy dan were in the lawn and that was like the pit. it was more active than the pit by the stage and they didnt move down there so were up in hte lawn in a mosh pit when this dude falls and gets beamed by a metal rail house security coems by to help leave and it happens to another kid so they come for 5 min and stand behind the stairs to watch meand dan are like fuck this were not gonna watch ppl die around us so we guarded the strairs and made sure no one killed themselfes ramming into it and ad the end of the night i said to one of the guys how fuckin hard is your job honestly i should be getting paid to do what ur suppost to do. and i whitnessed a fight some beefy dude with a skinny tall dude they went at it and went to the ground I saw the girlfriend kick one of the guys then one of the friends of the guy she kicked punched her in hte face i saw that i ran up like waht the fuck is your problem you dont hit ladies he walked away i talked to the girl after said are you okay i saw what happened and that is just totaly fucked up. we had a long conversation about it all and she thanked me and walked away to report it. The whole time im jsut thinking where is house security when u need them. its their job to protect and supervise. hence why I said that presiously above how hard is his job to jsut stand there. top it off i gota concussion saving someone from the rail he fell tried catching him and i did ended up turning my back to the pit BAD MOVE NEVER DO i didnt do it porpously just trying to help this kid i get nailed in the back of the head by someone and fell seeing stars. but yet now security is no where to be found to come to my aid. So if you live in massachusetts or ever decide to catch a show here NEVER GO TO THE COMCAST CENTER SECURITY SUCKS!!!

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