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Mean people/person - January 18th 2009, 10:08 AM

-TO MODS: Not sure if this goes here, but if it doesnt, can you move pls ? <3 -

Sooo..... I was wondering... (this is my question i guess) Am I overreacting ?

So heres whats happend, thees this online chat/game thing, and theres this guy i got talking to, he was feeling a bit suicidal so I talked him out of it.
Said I had done suicide attempts before, such as i've slit my wrists where i was layin on floor bleeding twice.. and some other attempt too, so i tried 3x wen i was younger.. anyway so i talked him out of it...

So.. month later or so,.. he did a scam on someone on that game, so I got mad cus i hate people who scam innocent people.

So anyway, suddenly, in this , what i guess u could call chat-room, there was like 25 people, and he went: " ..(my username here).. CUT HIS WRISTS AND WAS ON FLOOR BLEEDING HAHA WAT A NOOB "

That had really really really upset me ( & i obv. went cutting again etc).

But now, he wont leave me alone, he keeps trying to contact me asking for forgiveness, saying he was just very mad then..

But am I overreacting when Im saying I never wanna talk to him or see him again after he shouted that to everyone in that room

Its like he doesnt seem to get it, i told him so many times i want nothing todo with him anymore but he keeps trying to contact me asking forgiveness.

Like last week he showed up again and was like ''you're my hero, i owe you my life, because you stopped me from suicide''

But im still so upset/mad about what he did.

Am i overreacting ?

(sorry if wrong section)