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People scare me - August 30th 2009, 09:35 PM

Okay Here it goes

the thing is For the past 3 and a half years i have been self harming so i think this could have something to do with it but im not totally sure. but anyway back to the topic . In secondary school i have always been bullied or picked on in some form for different things like my weight. but when im around people i dont know or just in large groups of people who arent my close friends i start to feel really worried and panicky. and this might sound starnge but for some reason i feel like if im out in public that people are looking at me and makeing fun of me and its starting to make me feel a little paranoid. Also one thing that gets me really anxious is eating in public. Because im heavy i feel like everyone is just staring at me and thinking im disgusting . Also I get worried and stressed really easily if you havent guessed already and i start fidgiting and sweating and that worrys me even more thinking people are gonna be staring at me sweating . my mom is really concerned about one thing and so am i which is that when this happens i start to have this kind of panic attack where i get dizzy and my heart starts beating quite a bit faster . i doesnt make me fall over or anything like that but it just stresses me out so i have to go home or go to the car to calm down . im really worried about what this is because on thursday im starting sixth form and even though its at my old school its a whole new dynamic and to be honest i dont have many good friends or people who like me or know that much about me . also i worry about really tiny things . ive spent so many nights lying in bed trying tosleepbut not being able to because my mind just cant settle . i start thinking about something then i start to in a way analysing it thinking of what the outcomes could be . Im Sorry if ive ranted but i just want to know what wrong with me and i was wondering if any one could help me find out whats going on ?

love From Emily <3