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Re: Eep! - September 1st 2009, 03:59 AM

It's okay, Emily. You don't have to feel bad for relapsing. Of course it's not good for you to harm yourself, but stuff like this happens. It's part of the healing process, and it sounds like you went quite a while without self-harming before then anyway. Way to go!
It sounds like you get pretty blinded by your desire to self-injure whenever you get the urge to do so. Is there something you really love to do that might distract you from it? Maybe you like to dance, play music or sing? Just talking to a friend might help - surrounding yourself with good friends or family can even force you not to do something destructive. And I'm always here if you'd like to private message me or e-mail me and talk. I will give you my full support.
Don't let this get you down. There will be ruts and ditches that you may stumble into on the "road of recovery," but you can still climb out of them and do positive things. You deserve happiness and you can be happy, I promise!
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