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This thread has been labeled as triggering, particularly on the subject of self harm, by the original poster or by a Moderator. The contents of this thread might therefore not be suitable for certain sensitive users. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

i dont know! im so mad at myself. i was having a bad day and i just finished having a not so fun conversation with my mom (shes "dissapointed" with me)

i have what i call "my box" it containes a sharpened paper clip, a sharp peice of plastic, a pointy piece of glass and a razor blade i got out of my desposable shaving razor.
ive never used the razor before. i mostly use the glass or the plastic. they leave bad scrapes but NEVER draw blood.
but today after the conversation i ran straight to my room and started crying hysterically. i grabbed my box and made a few scrapes with my plastic.
but then i grabbed the razor and made a slice! i actually drew blood! not much - only like 10 drops and then it stopped. but ive never drawn blood before!!!
what has happened to me!? what have i done!? i wasnt meant to be like this!

im so scared! and im so mad at myself for doing this!
i hate myself! what if i never stop?!

i dont even know what kind of advice i want by saying this. but please say something.

i cant believe i did this!!!!