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Re: Questions - September 15th 2009, 12:21 AM

1. How old were/are you when you first thought about committing suicide?

I am not sure of the exact age but it was in grade 1

2. Why did you have these thoughts?

origonaly because everyone seemed to hate me after a while a few other problems branched from that

3. Did you receive any help, in terms of councilling, etc? If so, what help did you have?

yah but I think it was too late

4. Do you still want to commit suicide? If so, are you having help with dealing with the want to do it?


5. Have you ever tried to commit suicide? If you went to hospital, how did the NHS treat you?

yes I tried but didn't get far enough to go to the hospital

6. How often do you think about committing suicide?

every evening when I have less distractions

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