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Hey. - September 15th 2009, 11:24 PM

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First off: Hi.

Second of all, my family is fucked up. Seriously. My dad has Aspergers and my Sister has Autism. God damn. Guess I have anger issues, which is what this is about. I'm a 15 year old guy, from Canada.

Down to business.
We just had a big arguement. About lots of things.

I switched around some classes in high school, and I talked about it with my mom and she said it was fine, I talked with my dad and he goes into all these things about prerequisites, and changing classes... I've chosen some pretty good classes, not just bottom of the line. I'm actually pretty high up. I dunno why, but I always get nervous when I talk about High School with my dad. Mostly because he wants me to go to uni, and get university entrance courses, and gets all worked up about it. Then it makes me nervous, I get anxious when I try to explain it to him, and he yells at me for it. Makes no sense, but whatever. I try again, and he gets even angrier. My mom tries to explain it, but she gets shot down by him. It gets me even angrier, even though its none of my business. I react angrily, and he gets even angrier, and then it gets bigger from there.

I've been called every name under the sun.
Asshole, cock sucker, little asshole, idiot, moron, fuckin idiot, everything. Shit sucks.
He almost always refers to me as a (not exactly what he says, just summarizing it) Bottomfeeder, whos a spoiled little fucking brat. Funny thing is, he acts the same way. I'm around him a LOT. I work with him doing reno's. God, is that hell in a handbasket or what.

Any little thing that gets screwed up he gets mad at, and he makes it a huge ordeal. I dunno.

Maybe my anger problems are because of being around him a lot. and listening to the shit he does to people in the house. yells (Yelled at both of my parents), insults (that too), screams, throws things (Broke my phone today because of that) I mean, maybe because I love him and all, i thought he was a good role model and stuff. Maybe I've developed some of his habits and acting like him, I don't fucking know.
Gah, shit pisses me off.