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Re: My girlfriend is depressed - September 24th 2009, 06:50 PM

I have been through more death then most people go through in a lifetime. I can tell you that her depression is okay and even some what healthy, if it stays at just depression and starts to improve. You did say that that its getting worse. Have you talked to her? Asked her what is bothering her? If theres anything you can do to help? If you fear she might do something to harm herself, I suggest you get in touch with someone. I dont know whats offered in New Zealand, but I believe if you call the police, they can help you. True, she may hate you for it but it is much better then her doing something she cant take back. If you dont fear that, ask her to talk to a counsellor. If you can, offer to go with her. Ask her to even just speak to her family doctor about it. He can at least prescribed some anti-depressents for her.

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