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Question Slipping?.. - September 30th 2009, 06:38 PM

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I havent been myself in nearly a year i know it,my friends somewhat notice,and parents defintely know i dont act as happy and cheerful as i use to be.Im 16 so one would think o im just being a moody,rebelious teenager,but it doesnt seem like that,Over this year ive possibly devolped an ED and also have been self harming.Especially lately ive just been feeling so sad like i went a week being happy then i go back into this mood,I just constantly feel tired,i dont ever want to leave the house,ive stopped caring about my grades and now there going down,I dont feel the need to eat anymore.It takes so much effort to get out of bed in the morning cause i just dont see the point anymore,its not that i want to die,but i just dont see the point in living either.My friend told me i was slipping into a depression and that i need help the way she said it really made me think..but i dont see the point in getting help my life isnt that bad and theres people who need help way more than i do.I dunno if really i am depressed or what,i dont care anymore,im just to tired,not sure what to do now..

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