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Re: Personal statement help? PLEASE:) - October 4th 2009, 06:48 PM

I have started mine today too. Your not that late, the deadline is January. My school is aiming to send them off at the beginning of November.
It is difficult to write, I have been struggling with mine too.
I have a lot to write about the the structure is messing me up.

There is a section in the ucas form for employment so you don't need to spend too long talking about your job because it is repeating what is already there. I do think you should have a brief mention of how it relates to your people skills.

I think you should write about your mental illness, it will make the admissions tutor who is reading it feel more connected to you and it will be more memorable to them. Your parents will not have to read your personal statement, my parents never read my brothers. The only time a teacher or anyone you know will read your statement is if you ask them to proof read it. You can always choose a teacher who you trust and some close friends to read through it. Also in my school the teacher who is our reference will read them so she can relate her reference to our statement so that is one more possible person who could read it.
I don't think you should be to worried about who will read it. Just believe in yourself, this is your future, don't let anything get in the way of that.