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Re: Song/Quote of the day! - January 20th 2009, 08:39 AM

I know you've got it figured out
Tell me what I am all about
And I just might learn a thing or two
Hundred about you, maybe about you
I'm the end of your telescope
I don't change just to suit your vision
'Cause I am bound by a fraying rope
Around my hands, tied around my hands

And you close your eyes when I say I'm breaking free
And put your hands over both your ears
Because you cannot stand to believe I'm not
The perfect girl you thought
Well what have I got to lose

And what if I'm a weeping willow
Laughing tears upon my pillow
What if I'm a socialite who wants to be alone
What if I'm a toothless leopard
What if I'm a sheepless shepherd
What if I'm an angel without wings to take me home

You don't know me
Never will, never will
I'm outside your picture frame
And the glass is breaking now
You can't see me
Never will, never will
If you're never gonna see

What if I'm a crowded desert
Too much pain with little pleasure
What if I'm the nicest place you never want to go
What if I don't know who I am
Will that keep us both from trying
To find out and when you have
Be sure to let me know

emilie autumn, what if (it's a confused kind of day )

wir sind wie Eisblumen, wir blühen in der Nacht
we are like iceflowers, we bloom in the night
wir sind wie Eisblumen, viel zu schön für den Tag
we are like iceflowers, far too lovely for light
wir sind wie Eisblumen, kalt und schwarz ist unsere Nacht
we are like iceflowers, our night is cold and dark
Eisblumen blühen in der Nacht
iceflowers flower in the night
- subway to sally

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