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Re: Unknown Girl in my dream - October 8th 2009, 02:54 AM

I've had a lot of dreams like this. I meet someone, who I fall in love with and then can't stop thinking about him for days. I read in a dream book once, that if you want to control your dreams you can set an alarm, like on a wrist watch to go off every waking hour. Every time you hear the alarm, think to yourself "Am I awake?". Of course, the answer will be "Yes," but after awhile, you'll get used to the alarm every hour, and you can predict it, or know when the alarm will go off. Eventually when you sleep, you will sense the hour and ask yourself "Am I awake?" Hopefully you'll be able to tell that you're not, and then be able to control your dream. I was never quite motivated enough to test this method myself. haha. So, if ya do try it out let me know how it goes.

Also, I find when I'm having a dream and I wake up in the middle of it to go pee er whatever, I can usually continue the dream when I go back to sleep. And if I'm awake enough to think of a dream I'd like to have, and I think about that for as long as I'm awake I can have a dream about it. Good luck! I know how desireable dream loves can be.