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Re: Boring sex... - October 15th 2009, 09:32 PM

Were you comfortable with him? I mean, really? I know that the first guy I was with I was not as comfortable as I should have been with him. I know this because we had OK sex, and afterwards I would always feel uneasy. As if I had done something wrong. I almost felt like throwing up at times.

Whereas with my boyfriend now, its just a completely natural thing for us. I am so happy and satisfied with him that I know it must be right to some degree. And I have never felt uneasy with him except maybe the first time, and I definitely did not feel the anxiety afterwards like I did with my first.

I would say that you may have some emotional issues perhaps, or maybe not. It could be that he just wasn't very good at sex so you did not enjoy it. Either way it is something that you can work on if need be.

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