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Assignment Marker give me bad marks, cuz she hates me? - October 16th 2009, 05:23 AM

There is this assignment marker in University...

She had a huge crush on me a year ago, now she marks my assignments. Now she accounted my assignment missing...

WTF! I emailed the professor to prove that I submitted to her and him. Because my the website that we have to sent it too was messed up so he gave us extra time to sent it to us.

He said.. You should send it to the website to make the markers life easy. Well i forgot... then 7 days later I checked my results I have Late! (and missing)

I was like WTF!

The professor said that he will consider the email's time and date(cuz i included the attachment to the email).

I think she might still have a crush on me, she stares at me... Even after the assigment submission. Its like she wants me to talk to her. Heck i sent her the email 6 days ago... She is playing some sort of odd mind games.

Im sure my professor will accept it. Hes a cool and understanding person but im worried about the marker...