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My ring - a new SH alternative :) - October 17th 2009, 01:31 PM

Maybe this should go in the "good days" thread... but it has more to do with SI & recovery than anything.

Well, a while back in sophomore year I ordered my class ring. At my school, each class receives their rings in October of their junior year at a Mass (my school is Catholic). It's always really nice and I love the formality behind it.

Anyways, I finally got mine this past Thursday night. Every junior has to get the purple stone with the CHS logo on one side, but the opposite side, metal, and engravings on the inside are all up to us.

Mine is silver, with my name on one side. Beneath my name, I got a butterfly. At the time I ordered it, I had gone 4-5 months without self-harming, and I wanted it to be a representation of my recovery. On the inside, I had my nickname - Beccalicious - engraved in my best friend Kevin's handwriting.

And even though I slipped up over the summer, I'm back on track. I'm using my ring for the butterfly project... as long as I wear it, I can't cut. And since class rings are pretty expensive and mine is a litle difficult to get off, I fully believe I'm not going to cut anymore.

And the timing of the Mass was excellent. Yesterday, the day after the Mass? 100 days SH free.

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