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Re: My ring - a new SH alternative :) - October 18th 2009, 10:13 PM

Originally Posted by BECCALICIOUS! View Post
Thanks guys. I take it off sometimes, like if I'm going to shower, use the bathroom, or go to bed (sometimes not even then!) but otherwise it's on. Oh, and if I'm showing people.

Amanda... we got our rings through Josten's too! The customization you can get is actually pretty epic, so I'm THRILLED with mine.
Just as a warning, be careful when showing people. I recently had to go to the nurse because I got something stuck on my finger (a key chain *blushes. We got it off in class, but they sent me there because my finger was blue. She says that lots of people end up with someone else's class ring stuck on their finger. She showed me the ring cutter device that she has. I'd hate to have my ring cut because I let Sally Sue try it on.

I'm a big fan of Jostens. I got my middle school class ring through there (which I'm still wearing right now--until I get my high school ring, anyway). It's not real, it's just silvertone but I love it. I was so surprised at all of the options you have with class rings now. I got something that is pretty traditional, but I loved some of the other rings they had. I definitely would love to have one of those heart shaped rings that they have with my name and my (future ) boyfriend's name on it. Looks like a sweet promise ring if you ask me. ;-)

Now that I've read this thread though, I've looked at a TON of jewelry online. I ultimately want to get a tattoo to symbolize my experiences with self harm, but I'd settle for jewelry until then. Anyway, I've found a few things that I'm interested in and hopefully I'll purchase something eventually. Probably won't be until Christmas, but it'll all work out.