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Comments? - November 7th 2009, 01:07 AM

M'kay, so me and my friends got together on Halloween for the typical sleepover and trick-or-treating/dressing up. Fun fun.

And we did a cover on several songs, but my friend posted up one on YouTube -- our cover of Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me.

I guess what I'm asking is that if we can get comments on our video, what you thought of it (it was spontaneous. we didn't really practice, though we were asked to play for our candy....) and to just offer any advice or criticism.

And, if it says anything, we wanted to try beating my cousin at a YouTube View Challenge. Whoever gets the most views, wins the bragging rights and a sense of pride. Hah.

Sooo yeah. Any comments are appreciated. On YouTube or on here, doesn't really matter.

Oh, and the link -- almost forgot.

^_^ Please and Thank You!

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