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...-peeks in- Could use a bit of an opinion... - November 11th 2009, 05:02 AM


Well, anyways, never, ever thought in my life that I would gander over to these subforums... but eh. I need an opinion from somebody, and this was the closest place at hand. I'm lazy.

Anyways, here I am now:

(Yes, a bit stupid-looking, but it was the best I could manage in low light and without a comb...)

And, well, I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow, and I'm looking for a new style to try out. I'm not looking for too spiked-up, as I've tried that before (with horrendous results) just something with a tad of scene/emo that I would be able to pull off well. Pretty much everything is game as of right now, just as long as it isn't too wild.

Any more info you guys would need to formulate an opinion, be sure to let me know.

I'm normally not too concerned about my hair, but eh, I thought I might give something a bit more edgy a try. Could use your opinions