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Re: Man Fired For Expressing Opinion About Gay Marriage - November 16th 2009, 01:51 AM

Hey guys. Clearlyyyy we all have different views on this. However, please try to be tasteful both in the way that we present our OWN views AND to others regardless of their views (and stay on topic). Thanks a bunch.

Goodness. I think in order for me to properly form an opinion on this, I'd need to have a better source than the man himself. I agree with Tegan and Keeley that this just isn't reliable enough, and that the guy definitely could have played up his innocence for sure. From what we do know, though, I don't think he should've been trying to rain on the woman's parade, but I feel like the media would see this in a different light/that he wouldn't have gotten fired if she was just talking about getting married and he mentioned that because of a certain religious belief, he thought marriage was "bad stuff"... So, I don't think he should've been fired based on what HE said, but I also don't think he should've even really brought it up in the first place. Unnecessary.

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