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I really need help and advice .. - November 18th 2009, 04:15 PM

So bascicly,

Im in grade 12, and ive had attendance problems ever since grade 10. I promised myself this grade 12 year that i would step up and go to all my classes and not fail again. Unfortunatly im down hill again on my 4th week off school and i really do not want to go back, i dont see the point ive missed so much and probibaly cant pass now. I reaaaaaaaaaaaly do want to complete highschool and go to college m y dream is to be a personal support worker. Just getting by highschool is so hard for me, ive also been looking for a job for about 2 ye ars now with no luck at all.
So im really stuck on what do to.
Suck it up and go back to school , get caught up and such which i seriously cant do, i dont like this school at all and its my 2nd year going down the drain there .. i just dont think this school is right for me..
Or get a full time job until next semester and find somewhere else for me to go to sc hool that ma kes it easier for me to get my credits.
Or just work full time until i turn 18 then get my GED and go to college..

Pleaseeee give me advice, im so stressed out,
I really dont want to be a dropout and i want to suceeed in life, its just really hard for me attending 4 classes a day in a row especaily with my attendance problems ive had for years