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Question Losing my besties..? - November 25th 2009, 05:06 AM

Alright, so about a week ago my friend Savvy texted me asking me why i told another friend Sara that i told her that i told another one of our friends Ben that she (meaning sara) was going to break up with her boyfriend Austin.

Complicated? very.

Basically i have four friends mad at me over this situation, when i hadn't even talked to ben in a month and a half... so how could i have told him this?
The friend that actually did it supposedly told sara, but if thats true then why are the four of them mad at me? I haven't done anything. And i dont want to lose my best friends.. i've known them for so long, and they've been the people i've leaned on when i needed help since i can remember. Basically I'm not really sure if i should just forget them because without hearing my side they all believed a lie. or if i should try to make them see that i didnt do anything.. im really confused, any help at all would be greatly appreciated..