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My mother... - November 30th 2009, 03:29 AM

I've spent my whole life with my mother all my life. At some point between the time i was 0 and 16 i realized that i hated my mother. I've been pretending all my life that i don't actually feel that way but I'm tired of pretending. I'm tired of smiling and telling everything is fine when it's not. I keep having constant fights with her, everyday over the silliest things and when i look back all i can do is cry. Everyone tells me, two more years, two more years Inti but what the hell, it's not two years... The fact that i hate my mother and sister are always going to be there until the day i die. Thats not the saddest part for me, the worst part would be the fact that i can't get myself to forgiving them for things they might have not even done. They feed me information, and i don't know who to trust. Should i trust my sick memories or should i trust those who i hate. Only those who get close to me understand my pain, but that hasn't been enough and this is my last resort.

I woke up to the most beautiful sound, the one that can make me smile and guide my steps in the darkest of times. Quickly my feelings shattered by the screams of a deep rooted psychotic affliction. Welcomed by fake smiles covered by their masks from where they slowly and carelessly chuck their sharp tongues at me. Being struck by the blazing rays of reality, I see that I become less of that what I thought I was, turning into one of the rest.
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