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Re: making my flu worse - December 9th 2009, 04:01 PM

im trying to convince my parents to let me get a GED (i could still apply to collages and stuff so why do i care about missing some of my "education"?). i think that school can help you learn things and become well educated but thats only if you like your teachers, your school, and you wanna learn the stuff, if not youre just wasting your time.

besides im getting wayyy too stressed and i personally hate everythign there. id rather be sick in a hospital nearly dyign than go back. so im guessing that if my parents and everyone around me really doesnt care that much about me and is trying to force me to go back then thats whats going to end up happening. im nto the one with a choice here. im the one that is sayign "i cant take this anymore" and being pushed aside and ignored. well, since i seriously cant take this anymore but im being forced into it then i need to find a way out. this is a way out. can any of you guys come up w a better plan?