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Creeper - December 15th 2009, 11:51 PM

I am in my first year at university and tonight I just came home to spend Christmas with my family. There is a person I know, I do refer to him as my friend however we are not as close as he thinks we are. I do not want to hang out with him in person.

This persons nicname back in Highschool I remember was Creeper. He looks like the old man who sits on his lawn with those sunglasses and watches the children get off the bus every afternoon. He is is not the most hygenic person I ever met either. Also he likes all the girls and can get pretty touchy feely with them. I would never go anywhere in public with him, I would not get in his car with him, he is just not my type of person.

I know the solution, you talk to him and try to fix the problem or you can make all these excuses. He knows where I live and he is the type of person who does not call before coming, he just shows up. Pretty much like everyone around here, it is a small town thing right.

I will say this bluntly, how do I get to stay away from me? I don't think I am a bad person for not wanting him around me, but maybe it is not something nice of me to do I shall admit.