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Re: Anxiety from pot. - December 27th 2009, 08:29 PM

It's not confusing actually, honestly, I get anxiety on and off when I smoke pot. My friends I smoke with are really good at talking me down from it, and I can get myself calmed down if I'm by myself.

Have things in your life changed? If you smoke weed while you're in a bad frame of mind, it will just multiply that. That's why you really shouldn't smoke when you're feeling down - it really can just make you feel worse. I don't know if your mind frame is down, or you're more prone to anxiety overall lately, but if so, that'd make sense.

Honestly, it'd probably be best to stop. But sometimes that's not always reasonable. Perhaps try to stop for a few weeks? Or a significant amount of time compared to how often you smoke. And see how things are, then if you want try again and see if things are better.

You can also try keeping yourself busy. Have things planned out for after you light up, and make sure to write it down so you don't forget that you're not just going to sit there. Watch tv, get some food, make popsicles or something. Everyone has different things that appeal to them when they're smoking and I'm sure you know yours. If you're busy your mind can't wonder in insane directions.

When you catch yourself thinking too much, take a deep breathe, and remind yourself that you're NOT going there, then think about something else. Remind yourself that you're okay, things are okay, and you're going to enjoy your high.

Also try to smoke around friends, and let them know what's been going on so they can be like, "Hey, everything's okay" and talk to you to get your mind off of whatever bad things you may be thinking of.

Overall, make sure you're safe. If your anxiety will pull everything out of hand and harm you, don't smoke. It's not worth it. There are so many other options for relaxing and just hanging out than being high.

Best of luck

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