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Re: My best friend is not aloud to hang out with me anymore? - December 28th 2009, 05:51 PM

well if she is trully your best friend and neather of you did anything to give her mom the empression that your a bad person I don't see why her mom is acting like this. Ferthermore from experiance eventually her mom will let go on the subject and let you to see echother again even if it takes her sneeking to see you and getting cought and grounded a few times. From experiance my mom hated one of my friends and even threatened the cops and other things I dare not say to my one friend and her family...that was 3 years ago or so and it took for me to defy my mom get grounded so many times when I had never been grounded before, my friends house to burn down, her moveing to my school, and her getting kicked out of her house and comming to live with me before my mom actually began to like her but now my mom calls my friend her daughter and she calls my mom mom so it more then likely work out for you and your friend never give up hope because if you wish try n work things out have her talk to her mom and u talk to her mom it will all work out in the end hope I helped

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